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Waist Trimmer Wrap Exercise Belt Slimming Burn Fat Sweat Weight Loss Body Shapewear One Size Fits Most !
IMPORTANT NOTE: The waist trimmer will be shipped in a random box, that means you will receive upon availability.
This blue Waist Trimmer Belt generates and retains therapeutic heat for lower back muscles while tightening and strengthening as well.
Weight around stomach area is substantially reduced using body heat generated from the exercise and perspiration.
The wast trimmer's quality neoprene construction makes it comfortable, lightweight, durable and easy to care for.
Suited for any aerobic exercise or weight reduction program.
Get greater benefits from jogging, exercise and work when wearing this belt.
Helps tone and support abdomen, stomach and back muscles.
Adjustable with HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER so one size fits most men and women.
Hand wash with warm water, mild detergent and air dry.
Measures 38 1/2" L x 6.75" W

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