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New Power Managed 6 Outlet Remote Control Surge Protector.
This RF remote control surge protector lets you easily power off devices when not in use, saving both energy and money.
It allows easy access to inconvenient places where surge protectors typically sit.

It comes with 2100 joules to protect valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes, lighting and interference found in all electrical power sources. When this occurs the surge protector dissipates the incoming and outgoing voltage to a level that will not damage equipment or will completely shut down not allowing any electric current to reach any connected devices.

* Saves Energy and Helps Protect the Enviroment by Reducing Standby Energy Use Which Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emission Created by Generating Power
* 4 Remote Outlets
* 2 "Always-on" Transformer Spaced Outlets
* 6 ft Power Cord
* 1 Remote Control Transmitter(RF) Activates Remote Outlets up to a Distance of 80 ft
* Compatible with Computers, Monitors, Printers, Tvs, Satellite/Home Theater Receivers and other Electronic Devices

Electrical rating: 15A, 125V 1875W
Joules rating: 2100J
Clamping voltage: 400V
Max. spike current: 39000A
Max spike voltage: 6000V
Response time: faster than 1 nanosecond
EMI / RFI noise rejection: up to 20dB from 150KHz to 30MHz
PS102 Remote control surge protector standby power consumption: 1.40w

Color: White
Dimension: 9" L x 4.5" W x 1.75" D
Remote Control Dimension: 2.75" L x 1.625" W x 0.75" D
Sealed in original package.

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