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Door Bell Wireless Chime Battery Operated Powered 36 Musical Melodies LED Light!
* It requires absolutely no wiring and is easy to use and install.
* Receiver has and LED indicator light for convenience.
* Included 36 different melodies to choose from as well as ability to adjust volume and flash, ring or flash and ring function.
* The ultra long distance remote control meets the need of various buildings and installations.
* Attach the push button on the door with screws, glass, glue or double sided adhesive tape.
* The battery may last for one year (20 times/day)
* The door bell chime can be placed anywhere indoors.
* You can even move it as you like.
* Ideal for homes, office buildings, factories, hotels and reception halls.
* Transmitter batteries included, CR2032 3V Lithium Battery.
* Transmitter can reach the Receiver up to 300ft. away.
* 110V Plug in Receiver.

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