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International Voltage Converter Adapter Kit This converter enables the traveler to use 110 volt small electronic items and appliances, including hair dryers, heating pads, radio/cassette players, irons, etc. in countries that have 220/240 AC power. 1650 watt: Designed for heat-related appliances including hair dryers, curlers, irons, heating pads, electric blankets, etc. (max 1650 watts) Foreign electricity (220/240V) is different from standard U.S. electricity (110/120V). To use your travel appliances overseas, you must use a converter to reduce foreign electricity, otherwise, you will burn your appliances and they will not operate. Using this converter is simple. Just plug it into foreign outlet, select the desired wattage setting, then plug your appliance into the female side of the converter, and use your appliance as you would at home. - Enables to use for 50 watts on low setting
- From 50 watts to 1650 watts on high setting
- Great for travel use 220/240V to 110/120V
- With fuse protection
This adapters will work in: * Europe * Australia & New Zealand. * North & South America & Caribbean. * Africa, Asia & Middle East. * Great Britain & Hong Kong.

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