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1 New 6 Outlet Power Strip With Surge Protector 1.5 ft Cord 6outlet 90 Joules UL Listed !

The brand new 6 outlet power strip and surge protector comes with a reset circuit breaker.
Comes with a heavy duty surge protector with built-in brackets.
Good for use in the home for home entertainment and major appliances and in an office for computer hardware, office products, equipment and or shop and hobby use.
Measures 1.5 ft. long.
Maximum energy dissipation 120V AC lines: 90 Joules.
AC Protection (H-N).
Maximum Spike Current: 120V AC Line: 4,500 Amps.
UL listed lowest clamping voltage: 120V AC lines < 330 volts.
Clamping response time: < 1Ns (Nanoseconds = 1x 10 seconds).

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