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6Pc Mesh Laundry Bag 16" x 20" Lingerie Delicates Panties Hose Bras Wash Protect !

This listing is for a set of 6 pieces.
The height quality lingerie laundry bag measures 16" x 20" can protect the bra from twisting and damaging while washing together with other clothes.
The durable net prevents the bag from changing shape during washing, but also helps to clean completely.
Model applicable to: automatic washing machine, semi-automatic washing machine, dehydrated machine, drying machine.
Fold underwear well, put folded underwear into laundering bag, close the seal of laundering bag and envelop it tightly with zipper.
The washing bag is so smart way to launder your most delicate items.
Stop getting items twisted, prevent damage to bras, protects fabrics, stop smaller items disappearing.

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