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2 X Makeup Cinch Tote Bag Organizer Cosmetic Travel Beauty Pouch Toiletry Case !!
It's like magic, a small pouch instantly turns into a wide work area in a cinch.
Perfect for makeup, toiletries, and other kinds of supplies office, school, medical, art.
It fits easily into a bag or purse but spreads out into a clean, dry surface for whatever you're toting.
Have you ever spilled your makeup bag across the bathroom counter and had to pick eyeliner tubes off of the floor?
That's annoying and unsanitary!
With this pouch, you'll have a convenient, clean work space for your makeup.
And when you're done, simply pull the drawstring and you've got a small pouch.
There's even a zippered pouch that is great for your jewelry.
Hexagon shape measures 19.5" x 22 (flat)

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