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12 Butcher Block Oil 8 Oz Prevents Drying Cracking Revitalizes Wood Food Safe New !
Siege Butcher block oil contains no fillers and no additional ingredients.
It consists only of highly refined mineral oil (top grade) which is both odorless and tasteless (its use in the kitchen will not affect the taste of food, unlike oils with extra ingredients).
This is great for use on cutting boards.
This grade of oil is completely food safe and therefore you can use it on butcher block, wood utensils, salad bowls and everything that you have in wood that would come in contact with food.
This oil does not have a shelf life so there is no worry of spoilage.
This oil ships with a child safety cap so that children will not drink the oil.
This is a new federal law on any product containing a high percent of oil – which in this case is 100%.
Biodegradable and earth friendly.

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